Quick Steps To Activate NetSpend Card – Login Guides

Activate NetSpend Card

NetSpend has a login portal that allows you to make bill payments, newly acquired card activation, make account details updates, reset login details, and so on.

The card has a high savings rate with no extra charges. The NetSpend credit card gives customers cash-backs on debit transactions and there is a direct deposit through a smartphone or any other device with a good internet connection.

NetSpend gives an easy to use online application portal.

There are also some features associated with the credit card such as no penalty, late payments fees, and foreign transaction fees.

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  • The card is issued by NetSpend

  • It can be used anywhere Visa is accepted

  • It has a low intro APR rate

  • There is no applicable normal APR rate, cash advance APR rate, and cash advance fees

  • No annual fees attached to the card

Benefits Of Netspend Prepaid MasterCard

  • No credit report is needed before applications can be approved

  • When you use the NetSpend payback rewards, you get to earn cash-backs

  • No late payment fee, and application fees too.

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Netspend Prepaid MasterCard Application Procedure

  • Go to the NetSpend website, www.netspend.com

  • Choose your preferred card design before filling the application form

  • Input your personal details such as your full name, address, city, zip code, phone number and so on

  • Go through the terms and conditions of issuing the card and agree to it

  • Choose your preferred card design and click on “Continue”. You will get a notification if you have your application approved.

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How to Activate NetSpend Card

  • Go to the activation page and enter your card details

  • Select the “Continue” icon

  • For customers who already applied and want to re-activate should contact the NetSpend customer service with their number.

NetSpend Card Login Procedure

  • Visit the NetSpend website www.netspend.com

  • Select the “Log In” icon

  • Input your username and password

  • Select the “Log In” icon

Forgot Username/Password Procedure

  • Select the “Forgot Username”

  • Input your credit card number and 3 digits CVV code

  • Select the “Continue” icon

  • And if it is your password you forgot, select the “Forgot Password”

  • Input your username

  • Select the “Continue” button

You will receive your username or password reset through your email.

Bill Payment Procedure

There are different ways of making credit card bill payment for Lowe’s credit card. This can either be online or through auto debit payment.

Online Method –

  • To make bill payments online, log in to your account online using the login procedure that is stated above

  • Select the “Make Payments” icon

  • Select the amount and state the bank details you will be making the payments from

Autopay Method –

You can authorize an auto-debit option so that your credit card company will automatically deduct your bill payments on the due date from your bank account without stress.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be 18 years and above

  • Must be a resident of the US

  • You must have a valid government-issued ID card

  • Must have a valid tax identification number such as SSN

Application Status Checking

To check your application status, make a call to the customer care service using the number 1-86-NetSpend or (1-866-387-7363).

Card Cancelation

If you feel you want to cancel your credit card account, you should call the customer care service using the number 1-86-NetSpend or (1-866-387-7363) to request for cancelation.

Contact Information

Customer Care Service number – 1-86-NetSpend or (1-866-387-7363)

Mailing Address – Net Spend Corporation

Post Box 2136 Austin, TX 78768-2136

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