Quick Guide to Apply for Nordstrom Credit Card and Activation

Apply for Nordstrom Credit Card

The Nordstrom credit card is issued by TD Bank USA and the Nordstrom debit card is issued by Nordstrom card services, Inc.

The card has a late payment fee of $38

The card has no annual fees attached to it

The minimum interest rate is $0.50

One of the requirements for getting a Nordstrom card approved, you will need to have a credit score of at least 650.

This might be helpful Quick Guide On How To Make Your Nordstrom Credit Card Payment

How To Apply For Nordstrom Credit Card 

  • Go to the Nordstrom card website nordstromcard.com
  • Select the “Apply Now” icon
  • Input the required information and review
  • Click on “Submit”

You will get a mail within 7-10 business days if your application has been approved.

Nordstrom Credit Card Activation Procedure

  • Go to the Nordstrom card website https://www.nordstromcard.com/Login
  • Click on “Activate Card”
  • Input your last name, birth date, phone number and the last 6 digits of your credit card number
  • Click on “Activate”

To reset your pin, make a call to the Nordstrom customer service provider with the number 888-211-1214.

Contact Information

Customer Care Service number – 800-964-1800

Mailing Address – Nordstrom retail card payments, Nordstrom PO Box 79139, Phoenix, AZ 85062-9139

Nordstrom visa card payments, Nordstrom PO Box 79137, Phoenix, AZ 85062-9137.


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