Tips On How To Make Bank of America Debit Card Login Ease

Bank of America Debit Card Login

There are lots of people who do not activate their newly received credit cards and expect the card to work. If it does not work, they feel their card has an issue and call the customer care service. Well, it is essential to know that a newly received card credit or debit can not work if it is not activated first.

Bearing this in mind, the bank of America has a variety of ways for users to activate their newly received credit cards.

The most used option is the online banking portal while the other one is by calling the bank of America customer service number, then through atm and mobile app. These methods are very easy to use.

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Bank of America Debit Card Login Procedure

With a BOA online platform, customers can manage their accounts in the comfort of their homes or offices. With this platform, recover forgotten password or username, activate a new card, and so on. Go through the following steps to log in to your account.

Bank of America Debit Card Application Procedure

  • Go to the bank of America activation page
  • Click on “Enroll in online banking”
  • Input your details and create your login information (that is your banking ID and passcode)
  • Create a security question, check your information and submit

That’s all you need to do to get started. You can activate your card by just logging into your account.

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Application Status Checking

To check your application status, make a call to the customer care service using the number 800-276-9939, and give them your application reference number so as to have the status report.

Bank of America Debit Card Activation Procedure

Online  Method –

  • Go to the bank of America online banking portal to sign in or create an account
  • If you have an existing account, all you need is to Input your banking ID and passcode
  • When you get signed in, the bank of America will verify your identity and activate it.

You can make an account if you do not have one.

Phone Activation Method 

Make a call to the bank of America customer service number 800-276-9939 to request for your debit card to be activated. You will need to give in your identification for confirmation.

ATM Activation  Method –

You can activate your card by using the debit card at any bank of America ATM close to you. When you use the card at the ATM close to your location.

Mobile App Method –

To make use of the mobile app, you will first of all have to download the mobile app from Google Play or App Store. When you download the app, you can activate your card with the app. Just sign in to your account and activate your card.

With the bank of America mobile app, you can be able to check your account balance, FICO score, activate an alert, make a deposit, update information, appointment schedule, create goals and milestone and paperless statements.

Card Cancelation

If you feel you want to cancel your credit card account, you should call the BOA customer care service using the number 800-276-9939 to request for cancelation.


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