The Big Lots Credit Card – Basic Login Guide and Making Payment Guide.

Big Lots Credit Card is a store card that offers special financing on purchases to its clients. Provided by Comenity, to those with good credit scores (of at least 650).

Although it does not give cash back, discounts it good point is that it demands no yearly fee, and gives users special financing on certain purchases.

It is also interesting to note that this card can only be used to make purchases at Big Lots stores.

So, if you have good credit as indicated below and you are the type that makes many purchases at Big Lot stores, you can consider this card. Contained in this article, is the basic information about this credit card so, continue reading.

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Notable Features of Big Lots Credit Card

  • Users are being given special financing offers on certain purchases.
  • This card offers fraud liability features.
  • It helps by reporting your card activities to the credit card bureaus.
  • It has an unsteady purchase APR of 29.99%.
  • Users are not given any introductory rate on fresh purchases.
  • Customers are expected to have a credit score of at least 650.

As a matter of fact, you can make purchases when you are not with your card.

Because there is always an associate who helps those that find themselves in such a situation.

In addition, the special financing offered by this card is not standardized and unsteady therefore, you are to check recent offers whenever you are making purchases.

Note that it is the Comenity Capital Bank that provides the promotional financing offered by this card, for this reason, they are responsible for checking if users are qualified for promotion and credits.

Also, there are minimum monthly payments and minimum purchases.

Moreover, if you wish to make huge purchases, I advise you to go for a cashback card that provides promotional interest-free financing.

An example is the Capital One card which gives two cashback cards (are: SavorOne and Quicksilver cards), that demands no interest for 15 months.

This type of cards helps in financing your Big Lots purchases and allows you to get 1.5% cashback even without interest for a whole year. And can be used elsewhere.

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Fees associated with Big Lots Credit Card

  • The late payment fee for this card is $38.
  • This card demands no yearly fee.
  • Users are to pay a returned payment fee of $38 when necessary

Does this card actually offer rewards or cash back?

There are no rewards or cashback. That is to say no:

Sign up bonus,

Reward limit

And the maximum reward rate on purchases.

Is the Financing Offer for Real?

Sincerely speaking, this card gives special financing on certain purchases made at Big Lots stores.

Although, it changes the worst of it all, is that it is not standardized. For this reason, you are to check their recent bonuses whenever you make purchases.

What amount of rewards can be obtained?

Though this card gives no cashback on purchases, but once in awhile users are being given exclusive offers on certain purchases.

If you wish, you can sign up for the Big Lots Big Rewards program.

This is a reward program that allows you to get $5 on three purchases and $10 on purchases involving furniture, with VIP Shopping Days, birthday offers, etc.

It also allows you to combine rewards and discount not excluding other offers. Sadly, this card cannot be used for Big Lots of online purchases.

How important is the Big Lots Credit Card?

If you are a customer at Big Lots store then, this card is the right card for you.

Though, it does not offer cashback and cannot be used to make purchases online or elsewhere except at Big Lots store but, gives special financing and discounts.

Lastly, this card worth a try.

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Advantage of Having Big Lots Credit Card

Besides, this card issues no reward but there are other benefits that come with this card.

First, this company gives an account of your credit report to two of the three major credit card bureaus. Secondly, it has fraud liability features.

What is the purchase APR for Big Lots Credit Card?

  • This card has a purchase APR of 29.99%.

What is the introductory APR for Big Lots Credit Card?

Sorry, this card gives no introductory APR on fresh purchase

What Type of Credit Score is required?

Like other store cards, this card demands a fair credit score and this is one the requirements for this card.

If not for any other reason, at least the credit requirement for this card is fair enough therefore you can try this card.

So, you are to have a credit score of at least 650.

Which Company Issues Big Lots Credit Card?

The Big Lots Card Accounts are issued by the Comenity Capital Bank.

This I must say is the determinant factor when it comes to qualifying for promotion eligibility and credit.

Be mindful of the fact that, the minimum payment due can never be below $30.

And the minimum interest fee for each credit plan on this card is $2. Depending on the prime rate, it has an unsteady purchase APR of 29.99%

Are credit card bureaus given access to my card activities?

Yes, it does. And as such, your card (financial) activities are being sent to the credit bureaus (Experian and Equifax), I advise you to use your card wisely.

As this shows you are trustworthy financially and as such your credit score can be increased.

Big Lots Credit Card Application Procedures

You can simply apply for this card from your comfort zone. For this reason, you are to first navigate to the Comenity website.

As soon as you get there, complete the online application form by giving the requested personal details.

Then, read it carefully so you can correct any mistake.

After that, you just have to submit your card application.

However, if your credit score is not up to 650, you can consider other cards.

Big Lots Credit Card Login

Having an online account gives you access to manage your account. With a logged-in account, you get to check your account balance, make bill payments, make purchases, and other things that can be done.

You need to follow this process to do so.

  • Visit the Comenity bank website via the link
  • On the left side of the new page, you will need to fill in the banking form by inputting your username
  • On the next field, input your password. You can also click on the “Remember Me” box for easier access next login
  • Click on “Sign in”

This gives you total control of your account online and can do as many online transactions as possible

Big Lots Credit Card Payment Procedure

There are two approaches to make card payments, online payment, and phone payment.

Online Method –

  • Log in to Big Lots website
  • Login to your account
  • Click on “Payment”
  • Enter the amount you wish to pay and make your payment

Phone Method –

Make a call to the customer Big Lots customer service provider 1-888-566-4353 and request for help to pay for your credit card bill. Follow the preceding instructions to have your bill paid.

Thank you for choosing our credit card review.


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