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Cato Credit Card

Cato Credit Card is a card designed for customers to make fashion shopping with the card. This card is for those who love shopping and make their purchases at Cato fashion accessories.

Customers get to earn a 20% discount for shopping at Cato with the Cato credit card.

This credit card has a fair discount that helps customers save more as the card has no annual fees attached and there are no interest charges on new purchases that will be made.

Cato has close to 1000 stores in 32 countries and they sell women articles of clothing of different sizes, with simple, cool, and elegant designs.

The stores not only sell women’s clothing but also varieties of jewelry, accessories, and shoes. These stores are designed to reach the needs of both genders as they sell varieties of products to all kinds of people, both young and old, including both genders.

The Card is issued by Cedar Hill National Bank. There are easy ways of checking your account balance which is by calling the Cato credit department customer service center.

You can also call the credit department customer service in situations whereby you lost your credit card or it got stolen.

The credit department customer service center is designed to help customers who are in need of service assistance by providing the necessary help needed.

The credit department customer service operates on Mondays to Saturdays from 8:00 AM-8:00 PM, eastern time.

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Cato Credit Card



  • The card can be used only at any Cato or its fashion store
  • No annual fees attached to the card
  • There is no need for cash or checkbook
  • There will be no extra financial charges if customers make their full payment on or before the due date
  • You do not need to have a good or excellent credit score before getting approved
  • Customers also get updated with the latest news


  • There are no annual fees
  • No introductory APR, purchase introductory APR too
  • The regular APR is 29.9%

Cato Credit Card Application Procedure

  • Visit the Cato fashion credit card homepage
  • Click on “Credit”
  • Input your personal details such as your contact, financial information, and security information
  • Go through the terms and conditions to finish your application

If you get approved, your card will be sent through your mailbox within 7-10 days.

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Cato Credit Card Login Procedure

Making Cato Credit card Payment

Phone Payment Method –

Make a call to the Cato customer service provider with the number that is behind your card.

Mail Payment Method –

Send your check or cash to Cedar Hill National Bank (CHNB) P.O. Box 37902 Charlotte, NC 28237-7902.

You can also authorize Autopay to allow your credit company to automatically deduct money from your depositing account.

Activation Procedure

To activate your newly received credit card, make a call to the Cato customer service provider with the number behind your credit card to have your card activated.

The Cato Credit card customer service phone number is printed behind the Cato card.


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