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CheckSmart Loan

CheckSmart is a cash advance company that provides people with money whenever they need help.

Many people run into emergency bill payments, car trouble, and other emergencies without the person having the money to pay, making them look for money fast.

This is where CheckSmart comes in, they provide loans at any CheckSmart locations including online. The loan is between $100-$800, depending on the situation.

CheckSmart is for those who do not have the requirements or desire to ask for a loan from a traditional bank.

The application does not take much time and Quick Guide to paperwork, all you need do is postdate a check for the amount you are allowed to borrow which will also include finance fees.

The check will be held on to until when it’s time to make loan payments before the due date.

In some states, you get to receive the grace of not paying for another paycheck when you make your first due payment on time. Some loan payday is from two weeks.

CheckSmart was established in 1987 with the aim of offering a fast, friendly, and trusted service. The customers are treated well notwithstanding where they apply from.

All that is needed is for the customers to meet the requirements and they qualify for an advance loan.

CheckSmart has a staff who is always ready to help customers get their desires regardless of how they applied.

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CheckSmart is a member of different organizations such as;

  • Financial Services Centers of America
  • California Financial Service Providers Association
  • Community Financial Services Association

CheckSmart Loan

CheckSmart makes sure of protecting the security and privacy of customer’s personal information so they use SSL technology. This technology makes use of encryption to send customer’s information through the internet in a way that no other person can have access to it.

CheckSmart also adheres to a strict privacy policy that prevents them from giving out customer’s information. This should make customers secure especially as they will never be asked why they are requesting a loan.

Customers are also educated on payday services. A payday loan is a financial solution for emergencies in a short-term period not for long-term issues.

If a customer has a long-term financial need, such a person is directed to a qualified credit counselor.

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CheckSmart And How It Operates

A cash advance is cash given to a customer before payday. This is mostly for customers in need of cash to take care of financial emergencies.

The cash advance helps customers deal with their financial problems until the next payday. The service is for short-term loans so as to avoid late payments fees, bad credit score, or bounced checks.

It operation

  • First, the customer will write the amount and fees on a check
  • CheckSmart will keep the check till the payday
  • The customer will get the cash needed without credit scores
  • The money requested for can be as low as $50 to $800 depending on the state and customer’s qualification.

Pros Of CheckSmart

  • CheckSmart does not ask for the reason for requesting a loan
  • CheckSmart has a stressfree and fast service
  • Customers can receive their funds within minutes

Eligibility Requirements For CheckSmart Loan

  • Customers must have a verified income
  • The checking account must be in their name
  • A valid and working phone number
  • They need to have a checkbook with them
  • Must have a valid government-issued ID card either state or federal.

Getting this loan is easy for anybody interested, coupled with the fact that it is convenient, fast, and easy to access.

CheckSmart can cash any type of checks, ranging from payroll, insurance to personal. They can even cash refund checks, settlement, government, and benefit checks.

Unlike other banks who make sure customers have an account with them before giving out loans, CheckSmart gives funds immediately it is requested as long as the person is qualified. It is good to note that CheckSmart located in some areas has a 24 hours operation

CheckSmart Near Me

The CheckSmart has over 217 stores in 10 different states. Some of these states are Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Arizona, Indiana, and others. Most of these stores have a 24/7 operating system.

In situations whereby you cannot find CheckSmart in a particular area/state, it implies that the company is not licensed for operation in that area.

Fortunately, though, customers can apply at the nearest CheckSmart location.

CheckSmart Ohio

Customers get to qualify for a $300 or less for the first loan and then subsequently if the customer pays at when due with a good record, $100 is added to every future loan until it reaches the maximum amount of $800.

CheckSmart Arizona

A customer gets to receive a loan of $50 – $350 on the first loan. If the customer has a good standing, the loan can be increased by $100 – $500. The customer must pay off two loans to qualify for this increase.

CheckSmart Minneapolis, Pennsylvania, Rhoda Island, and Missouri

 The customer gets to receive a loan of $50 – $300 on the first loan. If the customer has a good standing, the loan can be increased by $100 – $500. The customer must pay off two loans to qualify for this increase.

 Contact Information

Customer Care Service number – 1-800-837-0381

Mailing Address – CheckSmart, Inc. 7001 Post Road Dublin, Ohio 43016

Website –


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