Quick Steps To Chime Card Activation – Login Procedure

Chime Card Activation

The Chime credit card is given by Chime Bank. The card is specifically for those who are in need of having easy access online to their accounts, this who are in need of an app-driven experience, the card is for this who do not have high balances, and who like to access their account.

The Chime bank can be considered as an online bank.

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Chime Card

Benefits Of Chime Card

  • The card has no hidden fees

  • The card comes with an EMV security chip

  • There is no overdraft for the card

  • Customers can have a money pass that is up to 38,000 free fee

  • The account has an automatic saving system that helps you save the money you receive whenever you wish to save.

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Chime Card Activation Procedure

When you receive a Chime card, it is very important to activate it immediately to be able to use it. Chime bank has made the activation process even easier.

This is due to the different methods you can choose from, online method, Chime mobile app, and phone method.

All you need do is to choose whichever method suits you. Having known this, here is a breakdown of each method.

Online Method –

  • Go to the Chime bank website, www.chimebank.com

  • Select the “Log In”icon

  • Input your email address and password

  • Select the” Log In ” icon

  • When you must have signed in, follow the remaining instructions to activate your card.

Phone Method –

If you want to activate your card using the phone method, make a call to the Chime service provider with the number 1-844-244-6363.

Select 2 followed by 0 to speak with a representative. You will need to verify your identity, make sure you have the necessary information with you.

N/B: Chime Customer Service opens from 7 am-7 pm on Mondays to Saturdays and 9 am-5 pm on Sundays.

Mobile App Method –

  • Having downloaded the Chime mobile app, log in to your account by entering your email address and password

  • You will get a notification for your card activation

  • Enter the CVV code of your card

  • Enter the verification code that you received so as to activate your card

With a Chime mobile app, you can check transactions, account balances, block stolen or missing cards, make purchases, and lots more.

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Chime Card Application Procedure

  • Visit the Chime bank website www.chimebank.com

  • Select the “Get Started” icon

  • Enter your personal details such as your email address, zip code, password, and phone number

  • Select the “Submit” icon

Forget Password Procedure

  • On the Chime home page, select the “Forget your password” icon

  • Enter your email address with your social security number. Make sure it is the email address you registered with.

  • Select the “Submit” icon

Forget Email Address Procedure

  • On the Chime home page, select the “Forget your Email Address?” icon

  • Enter your phone number with your social security number. Make sure it is the phone number you registered with.

  • Select the “Submit” icon

Your login details will be sent to you as long as you input the correct information.

Ways To Deposit Cash Into Your Card

It is not possible to spend money on your card without having money inside it. Chime has made different ways in helping you make a deposit of cash into your account.

Your card can be funded by the use of direct deposit from other banks into your bank account. Another way is the direct deposit from your employer to your account.

If your card gets stolen or missing, you can send a mail to support so that your account can be blocked.

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