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Comdata Card

Comdata can be regarded as the “Leader in Payment Innovation” as it was established in 1969 with the sole aim of providing solutions to payment processing, cooperate spend cards and paperless payroll, fleet fuel cards issuance, trucking permits, and virtual permits.

Comdata also provides services to companies to generate additional revenue and streamline payment processes while saving money.

As a Comdata cardholder, it is possible to have online access to your account with a login detail. However, to enjoy this feature, you will have to apply for a Comdata online account access.

You can do this application process on the Comdata portal that was set aside for card users. This service portal is for employees who receive paychecks into their Comdata card, suppliers who receive payments through their Comdata card and any other card user, who receives funds through the Comdata card.

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How Do I Check My Comdata Card Balance?

Do you want to check your balance then you can easily do that by simply calling the Comdata Cardholder Services using the number 1-888-265-8228? This is completely free of charge.

Alternatively, you can also check your balance details online.

Comdata Card Login

Comdata Card

Understanding How Comdata Cards Work?

The Comdata is a card that allows you to easily access your money in various ways. This is very convenient for users. With this card, users have direct access to their funds on the go.

The Comdata serves as an alternative for the normal paper check. With the card, your net pay is simply deposited into your payroll card.

How To Transfer Money From Comdata Card To The Bank Account?

If you use the Comdata card then you can easily transfer money from your Comdata payroll card to your bank account by calling 1-888-265-8228 to do so manually. This process can take up to 24-48 business hours for the money to reflect in your bank account.


  • Card users receive their pay on time and they have easy access to their funds at anytime
  • Card users can set and manage direct deposits to multiple bank accounts that they can update, verify and access using their web portal
  • There is also a flexible withdrawal to access funds from the card. This can be accessed at as much as 80,000 ATMs nationwide
  • Card users are saved the stress of picking up paychecks or standing in queue for cash
  • Card users can use free points
  • The card has no monthly charges, dormancy fees, minimum balance fees, web access fees, overdraft fees, and live customer service fees
  • Using the Comdata card is safer than cash and it removes the problem of stolen or missing paycheck or late payments
  • No charges attached on the first transaction made on every payday

Registration Procedure

  • Go to the Comdata card user service page
  • Click on “Click here to Register”
  • Input your card number and activation code given by your employer
  • Click on “Next”
  • Make a 16 letters and numbers username
  • Input your email address
  • Make a password comprising of 8-20 characters having 1 letter and 1 number
  • Re-enter your password for confirmation
  • Create a security question and answer
  • Click on “Submit.”

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Comdata Login Procedure

  • You can go to the Comdata card user service page
  • Input your username and password
  • Click on “Log In”

Login Procedure using Mobile Device

  • You will have to download the Comdata mobile app from Google play store or App store
  • After downloading the mobile app, install the app to your device and then launch it
  • You will see the login icon on the mobile app, click on it and enter your username and password
  • Complete the login direction

Forgot Username Procedure

  • Click on “Are you a New User?”
  • Input your card number and email address
  • Click on “Submit Request”
  • You will receive your username through your email address

Forgot Password Procedure

  • Click on “Are you a New User?”
  • Input your username and email address
  • Click on “Submit Request”
  • You will receive information on how to reset your password

Comdata Card Activation Procedure

  • To have your card activated, call the Comdata customer service provider with the number 1-888-265-8228
  • You will need to have your activation code, access code and full name on your payment card
  • Another way is to activate using the website and follow the instructions to activate your card

Checking Comdata Balance

  • Dial the number behind your card and an automated system will put you through
  • Click on the (*) to get to the previous menu
  • Click on 9 to connect to the main automated system
  • Click on 0 to speak with a representative


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