Easy Guide to Indigo Credit Card Login Guide and Customer Service

Indigo Credit Card Login

Have you ever wondered how to go about getting a loan if you do not have a good credit score? Or do you need a card that is protected from fraud, easy to use, and accepted nationwide?

Well, you have come to the right place. With an indigo credit card, you get to apply for a card without having a good credit score, even those with a history of bankruptcy get to apply for the card without issues.

It is also good to know that the card has good features that protect cards from fraud, it is easy to use and accepted everywhere among other features.

If you have still not had your mind made up yet, am certain by the time you are done going through this article, you will get all the important information concerning this credit card that will make you decide.

The Indigo credit card is not secure. The credit limit given is dependent on your credit history and the lender determines the credit score. However, the indigo credit card is easier to get than any other unsecured credit card that requires having a good credit score.

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Benefits Of Indigo Credit Card

Some people may wonder what they will get from using the Indigo credit card. There are many benefits for cardholders who make use of Indigo credit card. This benefits include;

  • One very good thing about the Indigo credit card is that the applicant does not need to have good credit before they can apply for the card. This is very beneficial for those who have issues with the credit scores.

  • Another good thing is that Indigo can help build your credit. This is because payment history paid by cardholders are sent to three different credit bureaus. This boosts an individual’s credit whenever payments are made on time.

  • Cardholders get to have access to a MasterCard platinum card.

  • The card has a website to enable cardholders to access online accounts as long as there is a good internet connection.

  • When payments are made on time, the cardholders benefit by not getting to make late payment fee

  • The credit card company has a customer service that provides the cardholders chance to close their cards whenever they want

Features Of Indigo Credit Card

  • There is a limit fee of $38 when a cardholder makes a purchase worth more than $300 pass the credit limit

  • There is a $38 late payment fee

  • The card has a 23.9% APR and 29.9% APR penalty

  • The annual fee card ranges from $59 to $99

  • There is a 1% discount on foreign transaction

Indigo Credit Card Application Procedure

The Indigo application step has two stages for applying. These are;

Pre-qualification stage:

This stage requires an applicant to fill a form, providing their full name, residential address, zip code, social security number, city, phone number. This stage will show if the applicant will pre-qualify or not. However, this stage has no effect on the credit score of the individual no matter what the outcome may be neither will passing this stage mean the application will be approved.

Decision stage:

When the applicant passes the first stage, there is another form that will need to be filled, this is the main application form that determines if an individual qualifies or not.

Here Is How To Go About It;

  • To qualify for a credit card, visit the home page of Indigo card

  • Select the “Pre-qualify Now” icon

  • Then Select your preferred card design and enter your personal details such as your full name, SSN, address and so on

  • Select the “Pre-qualify Now” icon to submit the application

In a situation whereby the applicant pre-qualifies, there will be a need to provide financial and credit details. If the applicant finally gets approved for a card, the card will be sent through a mail to the stated mailing address given in the course of an application

Indigo Credit Card Activation Procedure

It is not possible to make use of a card that is not activated. So, when a new card is received, make a call to Indigo customer service provider with the number 1-866-946-9545 to request for help.

Indigo Credit Card Login Procedure

To be able to manage accounts online without stress, it is necessary to login to your account using these steps;

With a logged-in account, the individual can make payments, check account balances, make purchases, and lots more.

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