First Savings Credit Card Login – Easy Guide to Do It

First Savings Credit Card Login

In today’s world, having a credit card in your financial wallet offers you leverage to meet immediate needs.

This card is also known as firstsavingcc; it is designed especially for those having no credit history or low credit history and they are interested in improving their credit history.

First Savings Credit Card Login

First Savings Credit Card Login

The First Savings Card is not a bad card though its annual fees are quite are high compared  to other brands.

But since it seeks to help client whose history is poor and are being deprived the opportunity of getting better cards with regards to their credit history.

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With a good credit history, you can get a better credit card with higher benefits and coverage.

Does this Card Come With Any Fee?

Yes! It does have some fees and charges.  These fees are called the setup and maintenance fee. Read up it terms an condition to be sure you are okay and an also met up to its demands.


  • Those who want to add an authorized user to their card account are to pay a yearly fee of $20.
  • It charges a returned payment fee of $25.
  • This card demands that Users pay a transaction fee of 2%, for every cash advance.
  • It charges a yearly fee of $75. That is quite high though
  • Cardholders will have to pay a fee of $25 as a late charge.

What Are The Interest Rate and Fees of this Card?

  • This card has no minimum interest charge.
  • Users are to pay a cash advance fee of 29.9%.
  • This card demands no minimum interest fee.
  • It has a purchase APR of 29.9%


These are the benefits that come with this card.

  • This card has no penalty APR.
  • You are allowed to make purchases of your choice.
  • It provides a secured online platform for cardholders.
  • You cannot be asked to make payments unnecessary.
  • Your lost or stolen card can be easily recovered.

How to Avoid Interest Charges On Your Card?

[ First Savings Credit Card Login ]

One of the best and easiest way to avoid charges on your credit card is to always ensure that you make payments early each month.

Payments are always doue by the month end you can can tell yourself i will always make payment on the 25th day of the month.

Another way to avoid extra charges on your credit card is to automate your payments each month so you can just set automatic debit from your bank account every month to ensure your payments are made whether you in the bank or not

When you pay your card bills completely and early, you shall not be paying an interest charge or fee. Therefore, you have to ensure you your payments every 25 days, starting from the day you made your first payment.

How My Balance Being Calculated?

We use the method of ending balance to calculate it. Provided that you have made the necessary payments, such as paying your cash advances, purchases, other fees from your card account and the billing cycle payments. It becomes easier for us to determine the sum of interest charge by implementing the periodic rate on whatever you have left.

First Savings Credit Card Pre-approval Requirements For this Card?

To apply for this card, you must meet the following requirements because they help in determining your eligibility.

  • You are expected to be a resident of the United State of America.
  • Aspirates must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have a good credit history.
  • And aspirates are to have a social security number.

Can I Really Get this Card If I Wish to Apply for It?

Once you meet all the necessary requirements your application will be approved.

Luckily for aspirates, there are two different methods with which you can apply for this card.

One of these methods, you are to call the customer service and the other is done online.

First Savings Credit Card Application Via Online

However, you cannot apply for this card if you have no legal reservation number and access code. So, only those having those mention above can apply for this card.

Therefore if you are among the lucky ones, just use the link below:

And make available your reservation number and access code when necessary.

Applying via customer care service

Going by this method, you are to call the customer service using this number: 888-469-0291.

Then, request the application form and give the necessary information.

Having done that, you are finally through with the application procedure.

After that, worry not for your card shall be sent to the address which you have submitted.

First Savings Credit Card Login Guide

What must I Do to Access My Cards Online Account?

The online platform provided by this card is truly secured. So, if you want to access or rather login to your online account (card account), just follow the procedure below.

First, navigate to the homepage of this card using this link below.

Since it takes you directly to the homepage of this card.

Go to the left side of that page and click on the “Account Login” button.

Next, you will see this “Welcome to the Cardmember services that is the login page for this card.

Therefore, make available your login details, this includes your username and password.

And click on the “Sign In” link to conclude the whole procedure.

Restore My login Details?

As stated earlier, you can easily restore any of your login details, if you are interested, use this procedure below.

For this reason, you are expected to first navigate to the login page of this card using the login procedure above.

As soon as you get to that page, search and click on the “Forgot your username and password” link located at the end of the page.

Remember to click on the “Continue” button which appears on the following page.

Having done that, you are now to give the required personal information such as the last four digits of your social security number, security code, account number and expiring date.

Finally, click on “Continue” to complete the entire procedure.

What Are They Alternatives For the First Saving Card?

Provided that this card does not suit you and you do not have its requirements, you can go for other cards like they cards we have below since, they have similar rewards like the firstsavingcc. And to apply for any of this card, just navigate to its site and have your aim achieved.

Besides I have provided you with five good cards, make your choice wisely.

1). Fingerhut Credit Card

As a matter of fact, this card has an easy application procedure and allows users to improve or build their credit history since; you are to report to the three major card bureaus.

It also allows you to use your credit line whenever you wish to make purchases using the famous brands. It is issued by WebBank.

Those approved for this card, are advised to create an online account to enable them manage their card properly.

2). Capital One® Secured MasterCard®

This is a card that allows you to improve or build you credit score yet demands no annual fee. If you choose this card and use it wisely, you shall end up improving you credit history with no annual fee. But it demands that you report your card activities to the three major credit bureaus.

Features of this Card – First Savings Credit Card Login

As a secured card, you are to make a security deposit base on your creditworthiness. This can be $49, $99 or $200.

It can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Your credit limit can be increased automatically if you succeed in making your first five months payments.

Using your smartphone or device, you can easily access and manage your online account at any time.

First-time users can be given a credit limit of $200 but, this can increase if they have submitted your security deposit.

3). Indigo Mastercard

Those with low credit can apply for this card easily; it provides fraud coverage for lost goods and does not stop cardholders from creating and managing their cards online account, by using their smartphone or devices.

Most importantly, it demands that the user report their card activities to the three major card bureaus.

4). Milestone MasterCard

Like the firstsavingcc, this card also accepts those having a poor credit history, offers fraud coverage when your card is missing and demands that you report your card activities to the three major card bureaus.

Permits users to create and manage their card account online.

5). Total Visa® Card

The Total Visa® Card is a card that can be used online and at USA, allowing payments to be managed monthly. Like other secure cards, this card demands that you report you to card activities to the three major card bureaus.

Not excluding the fact that it has an easy application procedure and permits users to create an online account if they have paid the program fee.

First Savings Credit Card Login

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