Guides To Horizon Gold Card Payment/Login And Make Ease

Horizon Gold Card

Horizon Gold Card is more like a store card that is designed specifically for customers who are in need of a credit card but they do not have a good credit score or no credit history.

This card is designed to help customers develop their low credit

This card may be for those who have applied for various credit cards but got denied as a result of their credit scores or history. This card is for those with a poor credit score and a limited monthly income but shop regularly at Horizon outlet store.

The card comes with no APR fees, no perks, and no benefits like some credit cards do, but with this card, anyone can be eligible for approval.

Horizon Gold Card is not just a credit card but a store card that is used only at Horizon outlet store online. You must make your bill payments monthly in full and the card amounts to almost $300 per year in fees with a limit of $500.

However, the card does not give bonuses and there are no strict requirements before getting approved for the card. There is also no need for a credit or employment check for approval.

After being approved, you get a $500 credit limit that is associated with an unsecured card.

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Horizon Gold Card

Horizon Gold Card


  • There is a $500 credit limit
  • The card is unsecured
  • Customers can get approved without credit checks
  • There are three different credit bureaus that check your credit report
  • There is a fast online application
  • Customers do not need to be employed before they get approved


  • Getting a Horizon Gold Card does not require employment documents and no credit checks
  • This card is for those who have bad or nor credit records, and those who have been denied a credit card in other credit cards companies
  • Horizon Gold has a fair credit limit of $500 which is more than some credit card offers
  • The prices at horizon stores help you save as their prices are great and affordable
  • The card has a prescription benefit that helps you save money on medications
  • Horizon Gold roadside assistance helps you with towing services

Horizon Gold Fees

  • The card has a minimum monthly fee of 10% or $25
  • Late payment fee of $20
  • Delivery signature verification has a fee of $2.50 and $2 for residential delivery fees
  • Also, the activation fee is $5.

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Horizon Gold Card Application Procedure

Horizon Gold Card Activation Procedure

  • Visit the horizon gold link
  • Click on “Cards”
  • Click on “Activate Card Magnetic Stripes for Overseas Use”
  • Input your card number and 6 digit security code
  • Click on “Selections” and choose your card
  • Click on “Card account”

You can also use the horizon gold customer service number to activate your card. Just call 1-800-251-6144 to request for activation. You will need to give your card details to activate your card.

If you have any issues regarding your credit card, you can call their customer service or use the website to contact them online.



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