Kubota Finance: It Is Not Difficult To Make It

Kubota Finance is a provider of market-leading finance of Kubota equipment all over Europe.

The Kubota is competitive and committed as they make business partners with those who look for prosperity in agriculture, groundcare, and construction.

Kubota Finance has a license registration with England number:00901225 and is regulated and authorized by Finance Conduct Authority.

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Kubota Finance


Kubota Finance Options

The Kubota Finance has a number of different finance options for customers who are interested in partnering with them.

These finance options vary from one another as they achieve the needed goals.

These Finance Options Include The Following:

Kubota Finance Hire Purchase

This option is designed to help customers to be in full control of the deposit they want to set down (which of course would have a minimum amount needed), the amount they will pay each month, and the duration of the contract. When the contract ends, the customer gets to be the owner of the machinery.

With hire purchase, customers are allowed to increase the cost even as they own the machinery. This makes hire to purchase practical and flexible. Residual value is part of decision making since the desire for ownership of machinery is important in the industry.

For instance, ride-on mower and compact tractor ranges lead the market not only because of the kind of quality and how reliable they have but because the machine resale value is strong.

With hire purchase, customers can own an asset while they make gradual payments with financial security and predictable costs.

It has different deposit options, repayment frequency, and repayment amount which makes the option flexible. Payments termed are outlined and agreed on upfront and there is protection from an interest rate increase.

Benefits Of Choosing Hire Purchase

  • Customers get an accurate budget with repayment and fixed interest
  • The interest element that is added during payments can be considered business expenses which is tax allowable
  • Annual investment allowance or Writing Down Allowances makes the cost of equipment tax allowable
  • There will be an agreement on the interest rates that fixes repayment all through the contract. This makes customers have full control while they find it easy to manage budgets.
  • Customers get full ownership of machinery at the end of the contract as long as all payments are made.

Finance Lease

With a finance lease, customers get access to the latest equipment for the normal amount that can be paid against taxable profits. The normal costs are usually on the low side which is due to the fact that payments are made across all the repayment periods.

Unlike hire purchase, with Finance Lease, customers do not get to own the machinery when the lease is over.

Although, customers will be able to pay off the value as a deposit for new equipment for those who want an upgrade later in the future.

There are some customers who prefer to buy machines over finance agreements. If funds are kept annually for new machinery or replacement, an outright payment can be of great benefit.

Customers can get some benefits from reduced initial capital outlay with finance. Agreement on suit budget monthly payments enables customers to have a higher specification model in a way that outright payment can be possible.

Finance Lease is advisable for customers who do seasonal work such that finances allows them the opportunity to solve their problems with their income across seasons.

Benefits Of Using Finance Lease

  • Finance Lease has a low initial cost including all payments across contract period
  • Finance Lease has a tax-efficient since asset repayments can be considered business expenses
  • It has accurate budgeting
  • Maintenance costs can also be added to the repayment plan
  • Equipment is not owned by customers after the leasing period but, could pay off the values left as a deposit for new machinery if customers desire to upgrade to any latest Kubota machinery

Operating Lease

Operating Lease is an easy way to have access and use the latest equipment with reduced risks. At the end of the lease, the machinery is returned to the company and if all the necessary conditions were met, there will be nothing to pay for.

There is an option of operating lease and contract hire agreements which is the cheapest short term option but the machinery is returned back to the company after the contract expires. This however has some benefits.

Benefits Of Using Operating Lease

  • Rental payments can be paid against taxable profits which makes it cost-efficient
  • When the contract is over, the machinery is returned to the company with nothing left to pay for
  • Operating Lease has both low total costs and low initial costs
  • It is tax-efficient as asset repayments is a business expense
  • Provides constructive budgeting with limited risk
  • Maintenance costs may be added to the repayment plan
  • Customers do not need to bother about depreciation as they do not get ownership of the machinery at the end of the contract


There are a lot of benefits from using Kubota finance to make machinery purchases and there are also some things to be careful of before venturing into any of the above-listed options.

Being flexible and the life cost of obtaining machinery can be seen as a high priority in getting new assets. People patronize Kubota Finance to get machinery that puts them at an advantage of gaining a flexible financial solution to gain their desired goals.

With the options stated above, there are a lot of them that may seem to catch to the eyes of customers but not all of them suits all customers, this makes it really important for customers to make good research and know the option that suits his business needs. Kubota Finance gives customers the opportunity to choose from the options which one they desire.

Contact Information

Customer Care Service number – 0345 602 5482

Mailing Address – Kubota Finance Northern Cross, Basing View, Basingstoke, Hants, RG21 4HL

Website – http://www.kubotafinance.co.uk/



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