Quick Steps To Marks & Spencer Credit Card Payment

Marks & Spencer Credit Card

Marks & Spencer can be regarded as one of the various high street retailers that moved into financial products and services.

Mark & Spencer bank is part of the HSBC Group who offers different types of deals ranging from current accounts to credit cards and even pet insurance.

One popular product M&S Bank is known for is the provision of a credit card.

Marks & Spencer Credit Card allows customers to make purchases now to pay later after shopping even without interest rates.

Marks & Spencer Credit Card provides rewards that customers can receive at the store, the credit card can be used not only at M&S stores but at any of the various  MasterCard accepted logo outlet as the card has the MasterCard logo.

M&S credit card is designed mainly for shopping and balance transfers. The card gives card users rewards and points whenever they make purchases in-store or anywhere else.

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Marks & Spencer Credit Card

marks & spencer credit card


  • The card has a 19.9% APR variable
  • A credit limit of £1,200
  • There is a 0% on balance transfer for the first 20 months
  • Card users get to earn points whenever they make purchases with the M&S credit card
  • Card users get to earn £20 on every 2,000 M&S points when the card is used within the first 90 days
  • They get double M&S points on the first 12 months of purchases
  • 0% on purchases and balance transfers for 6 months

Also, it is important to note that making minimum payments on time is essential as it helps promote rates on balance transfer and purchases.

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With the M&S credit card, card users can get anything they wish and will even get bonus points with purchases made using their card.

Benefits Of Marks & Spencer Credit Card

  • M&S changes the points into rewards as in the form of a voucher so that card users can use it at the M&S store.
  • The M&S credit card has no cash advance fee attached to it if card users make purchases at M&S travel money.
  • Card users can have access to preferential rates on M&S Bank products.
  • M&S credit card is controlled by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the city regulator
  • Card users get customer protection that debit cards and cash do not give. This is according to Section 75 of the Customer Credit Act that states that card users who pay for purchases using their credit card, the credit card provider are also liable with the retailer if anything does not go well. This is only viable if the items purchased are between £100 and £30,000. In essence, if a card user makes a £400 worth of purchase and the store that it is purchased from getting busted before delivery, the card provider will make a full refund to the card user.
  • Marks & Spencer Credit Card provides exclusive packages that card users cannot get somewhere else

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