Quick Steps To National Payday Application

National Payday

National Payday is an old electronic payday loan company in the country. Whenever a customer fills an application to national payday, they get a check advance the next day.

With this company, customers can get their loans in 24 hours in the comfort and safety of their homes or offices.

National Payday helps customers get a payday loan even though it is well aware that getting loans these days is not a piece of cake.

With this company, there is no need to be a computer expert to make an online application because it is easy to use and customers do not need a faxing machine to fax their documents because it will now be needed.

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National Payday


  • National Payday makes loan easy and fast to get
  • There is no need for customers to have a credit check
  • Customers can qualify for a payday loan regardless of how poor their credit history is or if they have no credit.
  • National Payday loans are as high as $400
  • Customers get to qualify for a higher loan when they make future applications
  • National Payday has an easy application process for customers
  • National Payday provides a less time-consuming application procedure
  • National Payday provides loan applied for in 24 hours

The company has a FAQ page online to help answer the questions of customers on inquiries about the company or the loan they wish to apply for.

If the FAQ does not have the needed answers, customers can just contact the company using their online platform, national payday is willing to give all the necessary information customers need.

Contact Information

Operating days – Mondays to Fridays

Time – 9:00 AM EST to 5 :00 PM EST

Mailing Address – National Payday Apartado 10455-1000 San Jose Costa Rica 99999

Email address – webmaster@nationalpayday.com

National Payday does not open on federal holidays, but customers can still apply online using the online portal. This means customers can apply for a loan at any time.

Customers can have their loans the next day after submitting the application. The loan can help with different emergencies such as improving your business, starting an online affiliate business, or for advertising.

Collecting loans is not always a good idea but it is effective for emergencies and with national payday, it is a fast way of getting funds.

The company expects to have patronage from customers whenever they are in need of payday loans.

Customers can make use of these loans to sustain themselves till their next paycheck using the national payday online portal.

Application is very easy and fast and customers get the need they want.

The company is an electronic service platform whereby loan applicants do their applications online by filling the application form. Once an application is approved, customers will get the loan on the next business day.

National Payday also puts into consideration the feelings of customers which is another reason why the online portal is made available for customers who may feel uncomfortable or too embarrassed to request for loan for the first time. They also keep customer’s details confidential


  • The first loan applied for has no fees attached as long as the loan is paid for before the due date
  • Customers who apply for the first time can request for a loan between $100 to $400
  • After the first application, customers will need to qualify for a loan increase of up to $1000

Eligibility Requirements

Customers do not need to have a credit record or collateral before requesting a loan. But, the customer needs the following ;

  • Customers must have a checking account that has been functioning for more than a month
  • Customers must be making as much as $1000 monthly

Without collateral before approving a loan makes it easier for customers to apply for payday loans.

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National Payday Payment Procedure

Customers are expected to pay back the loan on their next payday or on the due date.

  • Log in to your online account
  • Choose the preferred payment option
  • Input your checking details. If the next payday is 5 days of requesting for a loan, skip the date and put the next payday after the present one
  • Customers, in essence, will get 17 days before the due date

This Company has a fee of $25 for every $100 borrowed which makes it a 25% of whatever a customer borrows.

This makes it not a really good or first option if an individual needs emergency find. It is still a legal process and a fast way to solve a financial problem for those who do not have credit cards.

The loan fee may seem a lot but it increases losses on the side of the company if customers do not pay back their loan.

Make sure to go through the terms and conditions before putting a signature.



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