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Roamans Credit Card

Roamans Credit Card is used mainly at Roaman’s store that is established majorly for women who have high taste, style, and quality in fashion.

The store has everything any female customer needs that ranges from inner wears to outerwears, and even to basic wear and cooperate business outfits.

Getting the Roaman’s credit card can be a good choice for some financing options in clothing. The card offers rewards and gives customers the opportunity to pay bills and manage their accounts as they please.

The card can be used to purchase recreational outfits, jeans, bootcut pants, clothes of different sizes, and traditional blouses.

This article will least some of the basic details about the card and how you can get the most from it.

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Roamans Credit Card

Roamans Credit Card


  • The card APR rate is the same
  • Customers can make payments online and can manage their accounts too
  • Customers can also use the card to make purchases and pay later
  • The regular annual interest rate of the card is 27.24%
  • Customers get to earn rewards yearly
  • These rewards received by customers can be used at any time with free shipping
  • Customers get to earn 10 reward points when they get 400 points from full beauty brands
  • The card has no annual fees attached to it


  • Customers get to have four free shipping yearly
  • Customers can get their purchased items at any destination,
    depending on the customer’s demand. Customers can obtain free shipping whenever they request for it
  • Customers get a 20% discount on purchases made on their birthday as long as you are still a cardholder and your credit condition is intact. This is due to the love the card has for her customers
  • Customers can pay extra money monthly so that they can pay their bills fast in case they become unable to pay up later. This makes customers rest assured when they have no money to pay for their bills
  • Customers can pay up their balance without extra fees or penalties.

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Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be 18 years and above
  • Must have a valid government-issued ID card
  • You must have a government recognized SSS or SIN
  • You must have an official ID card issued by the government
  • You must Input your own street address number or APO /FPO mailing address

Roamans Credit Card Application Procedure

  • Go to the Roaman’s credit card website
  • Click on “Apply Now”
  • Input your necessary information like your contact details, email address, and so on. Make sure to confirm your email address
  • You can click “yes” or “no” to authorize the buyer to your account
  • Click on “Continue”
  • Complete the instructions to apply for a card.

Roamans Credit Card Login Procedure

Click on credit account if you do not have an account or use the link and follow the instructions.

With registration for an online account, you get to use the Roaman’s platinum credit card anytime you want.

You will also be able to make bill payments, check account balances, and so on.

Roamans Credit Card Activation Procedure

After receiving a new credit card, activate the card to enable you to use it. Activation of the Roaman’s card can be done using your online account or by calling the Roaman’s customer service provider.

Roamans Credit Card Payment Procedure

Online Payment Method –

  • Log in to your online account
  • Click on “Online Payment”
  • Select the preferred payment method that suits you

Phone Payment Method –

Make a call to the Roaman’s credit customer service provider with the number 1-800-695-0195 and follow the instructions to make your payments.

Mail Payment Method –

Send your check or cash to P.O. 659728, San Antonio, TX 78265. Make sure you have your credit card account number on your check before sending your mail.

Also, send your cash or cheque 5 business days before your due date so your payment will be processed on time.

Forgot Username/Password Procedure

  • Click on “Forgot user/password”
  • Complete the instructions to reset your login details.

Contact Information

Customer Care Service number – 1-800-695-0195

TDD / TTY: 1-800-695-1788.

Mailing Address – P.O. 659728, San Antonio, TX 78265.


Romans Credit Card


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