Fast Tips To US Direct Express Login And Apply

US Direct Express Login

This article is especially for those looking for information on how to log into their Direct Express account.

Well, if you have intentions of logging in to your online account, you will need to go to the direct express page and follow the instructions stated.

US Direct Express Login

Here Is What You Should Do:

  • When you visit the direct express website, look for the “Login to Your Card Account” icon.
  • Click on “Continue”.
  • You will be taken to a new page, input your User ID. Your User ID is the name you chose when you just registered for online access. Make sure you enter the correct user ID.
  • Having done the above successfully, you will need to complete the instructions so that you can log in successfully.

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Direct Express Card

US Direct Express Login

In cases whereby you forget your User ID, here is what you should do:

  • Click on “Forgot User ID”.
  • You will need to enter your card number for verification before your User ID will be sent to you.

In a situation whereby you do not have a direct express online account but have a direct express card; 

  • Click on “Create New User” that is on the login page.
  • You will need to input your card details, create a User ID and password, your SSN and your email address

US Direct Express Application Procedure

There is also an option for those who do not have a direct express card and desire to have the card to register.

There is no provision by the government to automatically register people into the program.

You will need to go online, log in using the steps from this article, or call the customer care center using the number 1-800-333-1795.

US Direct Express Login

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