Tips On How To Make US Direct Express Prepaid Debit Card Ease

US Direct Express Prepaid Debit Card

The US direct express prepaid debit card is another convenient way of having access to financial assistance and federal benefits direct express login funds. The US direct express card

provides a gateway to people who do not ha e a bank account. This opportunity is as a result of the percentage interest in which the government has put towards the use of electronic payments.

It really does not matter if you have or do not have a bank account or even part of a credit union if you get signed in to is free and easy.

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US Direct Express Prepaid Debit Card

Accessing US Direct Express Prepaid Debit Card

Having an online account gives you the ability to manage some of the features on the direct express mobile app and it is even easy to set up your online account.

Here Are The Steps To Take:

  • You will first of all need to change your government assistance account so that you will be able to receive funds from the federal government through your card
  • You will then need to visit the website to Input your login details
  • Click on “Log In”
  • Input your username and password
  • Click on “Log In”

If you do not have an account, click on “Create New User”, follow the instructions and click on “Submit”. However, you will need your account number, SSN to have your account created. You will also have to keep your login information to yourself to avoid any problems.


  • Users get to have their funds deposited into the prepaid MasterCard monthly. This fund with the MasterCard can be used at any MasterCard CC’s accepted logo, either at the grocery store, healthcare offices gas station pharmacies and drug stores, Department stores, and restaurants.
  • Card users will not be able to add money into their debit cards, but there is the 9of getting cash backs whenever they make purchases with their card. The money will be removed from their total balance.
  • Having direct express access, users can receive federal funds for Social security disability or any other type of government assistance. They can also be able to check their balance, transactions and activate alerts for low balance and also find atm close by
  • Users should be watchful as to how they spend the money in their account because unlike traditional CC’s, they can not exceed more than the money they have in their debit cards
  • With the phone app, card users can activate the direct express card login
  • There are other programs and prepaid debit features that the US treasury offers, one of which is Go program Way2GoCard.

PayPerks Reward

From the useful functions provided by US direct express, one is the PayPerks reward program. The PayPerks reward program gives users the opportunity to receive reward points through online tutorials, directing users on how to make better financial choices.

Through these lessons, the people collecting government assistance are encouraged to learn the way to keep their electronic payment rewards, and also how they can get the most from their prepaid direct express card.

Therefore, when a user earns a point on PayPerks, they will be able to win one cash prize monthly. And, earning hundreds of points monthly can be of real help.

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Contact Information

Customer Care Service number – 1-888-741-1115

Mailing Address – Payment Processing Services P.O. Box 245998 San Antonio, TX 78224-5998


The customer care service desk receives a lot of calls each month from those in need of making inquiries or laying complaints on checking account balances, confirmation of direct deposits transaction history, and lots more. You can make use of the website to retrieve forgotten login details.

US Direct Express Prepaid Debit Card


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